One more Time…

It’s scarily peaceful and funny here. I saw a lady wondering if she has forgotten something, A couple of steps ahead an old man I believe was sitting in regret of something. Junior and me the only two smiling. Junior is my son, I am Nick. Junior asked me if the people around are crazy? I said, “Yes!” they are.  But then, I asked why did he choose to use the word crazy, because none of them appeared to be crazy. Its just that they are thinking something but are not acting crazy. Junior answered, “They are still wasting their time.” I was a proud father when he answered that. He used the word “still”. A warm drop of water passed from by eye to cheek, a bit salty. Junior walked up to the old man and asked if he can help him, The Old man looked at him and asked if Junior can set the clock right for him. He said, “Yes, ofcourse!” The clock had no hands in it. Seemed to be eroded and Junior said, Sorry Sir! But no time left for you now. All you can do is throw the watch and forget about it. Old man retained his watch and sat worried again. I walked up to the lady and asked if she was looking for something and if I may help her. She replied, that she is not looking for anything, just that she forgot a parcel somewhere while she was on her way here and she knows exactly where she forgot. Unfortunately, there is no one who can take her back to that place to collect the parcel. I said, I wish I could help.

Junior asked me if even I want to set my time right or have forgotten anything. He giggled a bit. I said, No Buddy!, I had my watch and was on-time, till the last time I saw it and there is nothing I see I had forgotten, In fact, I have lots of things extra in my bag. He said that the same was the case with him. We both were curious to know what we have in our bags. He said, Fathers first.. I pulled my sack of things, and pulled an envelope. I said that this is my lucky envelope. My dad gifted it to me. Its lucky because every time I made money I stored 10% of it in this envelop and donated it at the end of the year. The magic was, the envelope never remained empty. Somehow it was full, even with a dime in it but it was never empty. Now, it was Juniors turn.

He wanted to show me something which is better than mine. Rattling in the bag, he was picking the best alternative to beat mine. Kids always want to be the BEST. Mine was actually THE BEST. He pulled a small pencil. It was sharpened to almost the end. He could barely hold it if he had to write from it. Curious to know why had he kept such a small pencil with him, I asked if he forgot to throw this one or if he plans to use it as a museum item. Once he spoke, I was speechless. He said that this was the first pencil I brought for him. He had stored it for many years, and wrote only what he loved to write with it. Now he writes only some words with it because its getting smaller and if he overuses it, it will finish. I told him that he had many other ones, He said that first ones always remains the first.

This reminded me that my turn was next,  I showed him a small glass tube, it had a rice seed in it, on which my name NICK was engraved in red, underlined with a green color. Looking at the tiny art he said this is so cool, Who gave you this? I said this was the first gift from my first friend who I adored a lot. I admired her and liked everything she did. Junior asked if she was whom he knew, I said No! coz the friend got lost on the way years ago in the journey of life. Junior proudly pulled his best friends photo with him. He said here is my best buddy. Both of them were wearing a Blue jersey written Mumbai Indians. He said that this was taken by his friends dad when they were watching Mumbai Indians final cricket match. He said that after Me and his mother, This friend of his was the best thing that had happened to him. He misses his friend a lot. He frowned a bit, In an attempt to cheer him up I said, Let me tell you something interesting. He smiled and asked if he can choose the interesting thing? Ofcourse, I didn’t have an option.

He always wanted to know how I met his mom. It came with a condition, He said, keep it short please. I said, this is the scariest thing ever done. We were in the same workplace. She was working part time and I had joined as a full timer. I liked her but couldn’t say it for weeks now. At the coffee machine one day I saw her and said, “I Love…. the way you drink water.” Junior bursted in laughter. He fell of the bench we were sitting on. Holding his tummy he rolled on the ground. The old man and lady looked annoyed and he didn’t care a shit for them. I had to pull him up and he apologized. Still holding his laughter within lips. I had to accept that I was scared, It was the first time ever. Then after a couple of days I said, It’s a lovely ring you are wearing, and the series of compliments and sentences which had the word “love” in it continued. I guess she understood but never expressed.

FAST FORWARD>> said Junior, We were at the mall where she wanted to do some shopping. It was ten days now that we were seeing each other but no result. I had decided that its now or never. Everytime I wanted to speak she walked ahead a few steps, being more interested in window shopping. I was losing my patience. Closed my eyes and when I was about to say the magical words but found she was on the escalator going downwards. I ran up to the aisles from where I could see her. With Gut full of voice I shouted in the middle of the mall, “Eesha, Will you marry me? I would love to hear you say yes!” Junior asked if Mom said yes!, I said of course she did. He patted my back and said finally the romeo gathered guts. I asked if he liked anyone, He said, yes!, She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her name was Eesha. His Mother, My wife. He made me realize that there is no moment in life that we regret now. We captured and treasured the precious ones. I had done some mistakes but moved on and lived again. If I see back to the time spent, I would never want to change anything. Guess I did my best. The Old man sitting at the porch besides us, smiled at Junior after he threw his watch and walked with us. The lady said, Don’t want to lose the precious parcel of smile now atleast. Junior said, Dad look there’s Mom. Eesha had come to see us today. She left two beautiful roses near our names and sat there.

The Old man read the names on the Memorial plaques. Late. Nick Salvador Late. Junior Salvador. The Lady said, she had never seen happy people in the graveyard before. We were the first ones. Its an irony that its written Late on the plaques. She said that we lived life On-time. We never forgot anything in life unattended and hence are smiling even afterlife. I could see my name on the Plaque, but I realized that its too early in time for Junior to be called Late. Not sure why, But I went on my knees and started saying, Junior wake up!.. Junior wake up! There’s a lot to do for you. Junior opened his eyes and said, “Dad, we have a long vacation from today.” I was sweating already. Beep Beep… went the alarm and I snoozed it. Eesha had already started her day with the daily chorus. I composed myself and realized that life is still on and it was a dream. I kissed Junior. I went to the kitchen and hugged Eesha. She comforted me back, Kissed her and Thanked her for being in my LIFE ON-TIME. And I said, “ I LOVE YOU”.Guess I got to live one more time.  Life is also a dream.

One day you will find yourself back in the darkness of the womb. You never know when the hands of your watch will fade away and you will not be left with more time. Of course you will forget a lot of things to do. But it’s better to keep walking  and leave the parcels wherever it was lost and not worrying about them in present. Its about treasuring memories which we shall count back in the womb. Its about doing crazy things that will make us smile back then. Life today, is a dream and you are designing a blue print of the one that you are going to live once you are out of the womb. So how are you gonna color it? What are you going to include in it ? I think i am gonna color it red and yellow and blue and white and mix some yellow and blue to get green and make the red a bit pink. Be colorful. Good day.


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