Free Rules…

It was Sunset and the golden rays were shrinking in the pot of the sun. Clouds were holding the orange rays disallowing them to leave. I stared the setting sun in its eye while it was departing us that day. Departure, to some it’s painful. For some of us its not gonna change its meaning, for some other lucky ones, it ends as soon as they see their loved ones back in their lives again. The waves were calm as if tired after the whole days dance.

My name is Eesha, after the whole days domestic and office work I feel this is the best place to be. As if Mumbai is allowing you to take a nap in her lap at marine drive.

It felt meditative, often it’s my state of mind when I sat there at the Marine drive corner, at Marine point. The only place where you leave the whole dance of life and survival behind you in Mumbai. It was becoming dark and I started to walk by the aisles of the sitting area called Queens necklace here.

Everyone comes to marine drive with a different mind-set. Some excited to see the sunset, some others to take some fresh air. Some non-locals as tourists and the other locals are busy clicking selfie and photos of the semi circled lines of marine lines. Some young adults enjoying their first puff of shared cigarette while other attempting to start their first kiss. Someone older men and ladies with closed eyes and crossed legs breathing fresh air to pour fresh oxygen into their body. I found an empty spot for myself and I sat with my legs hanging on the aisles towards the sea.

I wondered how beautifully two worlds existed hand in hand for centuries. One side of Mumbai which is full of chaos. A Dance of existence, and a run for survival, while on the other side it was free ocean, Calm and content. In introspection I visualized life to be the same. There is chaos of relations however, there is a world of dreams where exists peace. However, I was indecisive about the desired one.

Which world is real and which one is not. The world with lanes to follow where signals at every interval of life. A chaos which what we call as patterns of society, A run for survival where destiny is to extinct.  Or the other world where there is no distraction, monotonous movements of freedom. Wherein there are no rules and regulations but only peace and happiness. No rules to be followed or lived for. The answers were blur in my mind. Hadn’t asked this to myself in years now. Or rather I asked but I chose a wrong path perhaps.

A voice whispered

 I adore the time that makes me run to meet you.

The thought that you would be waiting and I will kiss you.

The act where you unclip your hair and hold my arm and lie on my shoulder

Kiss me gently say I love you.

While these words were softly spoken in my ears and arms hugged me from back I got my answers. I turned back and hugged him tightly. Although this was the usual act of our love, today it also gave me an answer to a silly question. After that soft touch of his lips on mine I replied..

I day dream and talk to waves about you

They say I am crazy for you

And every time I feel you in my arms

Again, I fall in love with you.

I realized that dreams and freedom may not be important if not shared by loved ones. Its only the act of togetherness that keeps us alive and capable of dreaming. Its those tight hugs and caring words that keeps us running. While I see the City side of Mumbai, full of rules and also the Sea side where freedom is in abundance, I felt the interdependence of relations. We need rules to attain freedom and we dream of surviving without rules as well.

We sat there till late night enjoying the two sides of my life. Free and Guarded with Love.


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