Lazy is love…

It’s a Thursday, 4:12 am in the digital penstand on my desk.

Am still making the minutes of the meeting which just finished. Thinking why did God create deadlines. Guess it’s the anxiety of a long weekend just round the corner and this is the last task that I need to do before I head out.

He is waiting at the parking lot, and has been waiting for 45 mins now. Not a man who would lose his patience soon, but 45 mins waiting in the parking lot that too for a non smoker could be a task. How do I know? Two weeks ago he was late by 15 mins and it took him another 30 mins + Dinner to make me smile.

I clicked on the Send button and without saving the rest of stuff I switched off my computer from its main switch. Rushed out. Why are elevators so slow ? 8th Floor. With God’s wish all lights till Ground Floor are on which means I stop at all floors.

I started preparing myself on my ways to apologize. May be I should just hug him and say Sorry!, Or just start explaining him what took time and wont allow him to interrupt, or could be that I admit that I am late kiss him and say dinner is on me this weekend.. Yes Option 3 I said.

My Prince charming in his White shirt and red tie. Almost unknot, Waiting near the car near my favorite cold costa coffee joint and a smile on his face. He told the coffee guy, Banado sir (make it sir).. He hugged me and said, “Hey Honey, Wassup.. Hope the day was good. I missed you baby.” I was thinking what next ? 45 mins is not soon. In my state of surprise, he kissed my cheek and said U drive today. The guy came with two glasses, one his cold coffee with vanilla, and mine with Chocolate ice-cream and choco chips. He had a small smile on his face or i should say a light of happiness for no special reason, While I couldn’t raise my head.

My mind was searching for the right set of words to apologize. Whenever, I made a winning note, he would look at me and turn me blank inside. Raising his eyebrows and questioning me if i was saying something. He offered his first spoon of vanilla to me, he says, “Vanilla gets its real taste after it touches your lips.” Poet!!!

We both sat in the car. I couldn’t give any reason for my delay and neither did he ask, Drove straight home. He plugged his phone with my favourite Annie’s song. “You fill up my senses, like the night in the forest.” He was singing it loud enough to impress me.

Its 5:00 am, Friday. Streets were still silent. We reached home. I went straight to the bedroom and changed. He had only removed his shoes and the rest of the tie which was left on the sofa. Like a king addressing his court, he started the TV to see what’s happening with the animals and the planets on Discovery Channel, like most men, he was not obsessed with sports or news around the world. I kept my palms on his shoulders, slowly massaged. He was about to turn back and I stopped his moving head to avoid eye contact, and save myself from being blank again. I apologized to keep him waiting for long today.

Without looking at me, he said, “Hmm… this act qualifies for a punishment.” I said, “Whatever the king orders.” He grabbed my hand, pulled me in the front. I sat on his lap he said, “Always ensure that vanilla tastes like vanilla.” I sealed his words with my lips and said, punishment accepted my lord.

He slid the remote to me and went to our room to fresh’n’up and change. Coffee was still half filled in our glasses which I kept in the Fridge. As per the custom of love, I would drink his half and he would mine. This started without any reason. I made some quick breakfast to munch before we slept.

Its an everyday thing that we wait for each other and drive back home. For some reason the act of meeting each other and driving back home has never qualified for monotony. We talk same stuff everyday, Still we find ourselves new everytime.

I brought the coffees from the fridge and we were enjoying it with our legs hanging outside the window on the grill feeling the little drizzles of rain. He was describing the vividness of the sky at the dawn. While the orange shine was still trying to peep behind the dense black clouds. Every thunder within the clouds brought me closer to him. He had my half of the coffee in one hand and was holding me from another arm, I had the breakfast plate in one hand and his half of coffee in another.

Little rain drops on our feet were making the feeling alive.

Life was peaceful. I apologized one more time, and he smiled, and kissed me on the forehead. Kind of just chuckled and said, that’s fine, relax. We were done with the breakfast, while I went to the kitchen, he came back on the couch addressing his kingdom once again. I put my head on his chest and cuddled his arm around me. I was tired, and he knew it. He opened my hair clip and rolled his hands in it. Its the most soothing feeling in the world.  Put his arm on my forehead, massaging gently towards the eyebrows. Seemed like he is taking away the stress from my head. I didnt realise when I slept in his lap.

It was 7:45 am, i saw that in my cell phone. This guy is sleeping seated. I held his hand back in my arms and kept it guarded near my neck. I had a lazy smile on my face, kissed his palm and slept again.

Guess love at times is also in waiting, being lazy and not doing anything at all…


6 thoughts on “Lazy is love…

  1. Fab piece of work… Nikunj, you can catch imagination of young people, plant a seed that will flower and come to execution. You have insights, experience and expertise that would benefit others; Nikunj you hold the keys to your author destiny. Keep writing. Would love to read more and more

  2. Simply an amazing piece of creativity . Written with so much of depth , insight , vision and emotional quotient to it . Keep writing so that we have more of ur stories to read.👍 👌

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